broken angel


an angel’s trust

once betrayed

how soon

if ever

to win again?

rage deflected


a deafening thud

upon innocence

blow once dealt

cannot be rescinded

how contemptible

such horror this?

devil’s mischief

humanity’s defeat

heartbreaking cry

angel’s grief

sleep now

my sweet

rock-a-bye babe

human tears

are made of folly

dear sweet angel

i have failed

your love

so undeserved

yet pleading

forgive me

my disgraceful



World Stray Animals Day 2014

Beautiful Panda

Beautiful Panda

So much happening in April. Autism Awareness Month, World Autism Day on 2 April, as well as Adopt a Greyhound Month, to name just a few. Today is World Stray Animals Day. When I first arrived in Sydney, I blogged about this day from the perspective of a ‘human stray’ in search of a ‘home.’ This year, I have learned a very sombre lesson about ‘human strays.’ Continue reading

coconut ice!

It’s been a terrible time for New South Wales. Bush fires burning out of control, hundreds of homes lost and still getting ready to evacuate. I do think Australian firefighters are among the bravest. The sky has been hazy, I can smell the acrid smoke in the air, which gives me a perpetual mild nausea, but thankfully, the asthma is manageable. Continue reading