oil in my lamp

Noshment. Sustenance. Oil in my physical lamp. Goodness for my soul. And thankfulness in the spirit. The family – mum, baby sis, brother-in-law, furry boys, and helper Nula – had lunch at our usual favourite yesterday, but at a new location. It seems as if the neighbourhood malls are more crowded than the main shopping street in the city. I bring my mental clement space with me. It is a struggle, most definitely, but equilibrium is what I seek. Continue reading

pleasant thoughts

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I am tired out, run down and just exhausted – too much human interaction, and the intensity of emotion is overpowering. The sheer weight of the facts and figures, logical deduction and analyses, vs. the bog of perplexing inane arguments in response to critical truth, and yes, that Aspie thing, you know, questions still unaddressed, that really gets me down. A non-cadential stretto in raging crescendo. I need to leave the concert hall. Wagner would be proud of the drama, for sure.

In the midst of the noisome pestilence, the tumultuous churning of debris, there were some truly beautiful moments in my day. These little things actually do matter more on a personal level. They give me strength and offer tranquility. Safe havens for my thoughts and emotions, and clement grace for my fraught senses.

Lucy – there is no imperfection in her.

Food – I am thankful to have food, and to enjoy the challenge of making simple fare look and taste good.

Fruit! – my tomatoes have grown! I planted these from seeds taken from fresh tomatoes, and they are growing at last. Thank you, Rick, for keeping my plants alive (well most of them are alive, the important ones, so it’s all good!).

And now, I shall retire into bed with my beautiful warm vanilla hound. She is there waiting for me. Good night, everyone.

We wish for all Greyhounds to have this blessedness!



Today was another fruitful day, the weather was great, the people I encountered were all kind folk, and it is always lovely when I have Lucy with me anyway. Our shuttle bus driver is a very friendly lady, she is considerate towards people with differences, and she loves dogs. When Lucy and I are in the bus, she deliberately drives a tad slower and turns steadily, just so that Lucy will be safe. Lucy was happy today, because we bumped into her favourite boyfriend, greyhound Jack, just before we boarded the bus heading for home. It is always so sweet to watch them greet each other with so much exuberance, they lunge excitedly, kiss, sniff, and then, suddenly, they are nonchalant and disinterested! Funny babies.

Food-wise, it wasn’t particularly inspired. I tend not to eat as voraciously when I am working on creative, hands-on projects. Continue reading