clement Saturday

Too hot for walks, mumma!

Today, I woke up somewhat off-kilter. Lucy was unfortunately in sync with me and didn’t even want to go out walking in the early morning. The heat this month has been really depressing. Too much to-ing and fro-ing in the last few days, methinks. Sensory overload happens even when I am enjoying myself. I have a headache, sore throat, and there’s something not quite right along my nasal passages. I just want to be with my Lucy. The family have gone out for lunch and grocery shopping: the two little fluffies in their bright green buggy and mum in her super Wheelie (we call mum’s wheelchair the Wheelie), my sister, brother-in-law and their helper.

I’m now waiting for my FoodPanda lunch delivery – Hainanese Chicken Rice set from a restaurant nearby. Lucy and I could’ve walked there, of course, but this is Singapore and if you’ve never been here, you have no idea how assaultive the weather can be at this time of the day. Well, at any time of the day, actually.

While waiting, I played the “waiting game” with Lucy – I place a treat near her nose, and tell her to “wait”. She must not touch the treat until I say, “Okay!” She is a good girl, even when it’s her favourite cheesy biscuit! Now, Lucy has moved to the day bed and she is chewing on her Venison ear. I am listening to the rhythmic crunching, munching and gnawing sounds she is making. It’s all music to my ears, even the squeaky juicy sounds emanating from the air-conditioning sounds pleasant. All is good and clement. Just Lucy and me here. Clement Space for Two.

Oh, is that the FoodPanda guy now? I hear his motorbike downstairs in the carpark.

Hainanese Chicken Rice set with KaiLan and soy sauce egg.

This one is for you, Rick. In memory of our Saturday noshments! Have a dogly weekend down under and say hello to Paddo from us.

a quiet day

Sunday was a strangely quiet day. A day without my Princess. I woke up at 5.30am, and the silence was deafening – my alarm clock was missing. There was no dark, warm shadow on the left, no silhouette of perky ears and long face staring intently at me, no wet nosed gentle nudging or licking of my hand, no sweet little whiny sounds to say, “Wake up, mumma!” I fell back into the series of restless dreams I had all night. I was dreaming about Lucy, in various settings. One of my dreams was particularly disturbing. I dreamed I was back home with Lucy, and we were not well received in public at all. Yes, my homeland has an appalling lack of tolerance for pets in public places. Even Guide Dogs for the Blind are ostracised, there is no space or place for Lucy, a service dog for anxiety, none whatsoever! Although there is a growing body of people with pets who are very precious to them, as well as increasing lobbying for better awareness and acceptance in this area, the general situation is a sad one. For all its pomp and ceremonial show of wealth, the country still lacks social progress in so many areas. There are well heeled newly middle class couple with horribly behaved brats running amok in public, polluting the environment not only with noise but with filth as they leave their bits and bobs behind. Sometimes these include bodily fluids of a most disgusting kind. This is well tolerated, but a pet, sitting quietly in a carrier, or a serene and elegant big dog minding its own business, will suddenly cause a different kind of hell to break lose. I am ashamed. Yes.

Anyway. I digress. Back to yesterday’s (by now) surreal experience. Continue reading


Monday. I don’t usually have an issue with Mondays the way most people do. I work through the weekends anyway, there are so many facets of my work, pleasurable and captivating dimensions every which way, so Monday is just another day. However, both Lucy and I weren’t at our perkiest today. The baby girl seemed moody, not her usual bouncy self. As for me, it was a surreal ‘fuzzy-fog’ kind of day where the air smelled ponderous and there was a basso continuo throbbing through the muscles of my body.

We are determined foodie girls, nevertheless, and food we must enjoy! Continue reading


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Yes, the saga is behind me now. The last communication I sent to the woman was to frankly but gently express my disappointment at her betrayal of my trust and kindness. I did that for myself, not that I expect someone like her to ever pay me any money. Anyhow, I have said what I needed to express to her, as a closure. Time to move on from here. No more toxic personalities in my life, I hope. I have to teach my brain to form the connections henceforth.

Today, my friend Rick came over to Kensington for bruncheon. We are no longer separated by a mere few steps and a street. We are two bus rides away. I shall miss our weekly tête-à-têtes, but life goes on, and good friends stay strong regardless of distance. It was fun regaling him with the nitty gritties of my dramatic experiences. And of course who does not enjoy the opportunity to use properly illustrative language in a conversation? Always quality time with this Rick, I daresay! Continue reading

catch up ketchup

It has been a flurry of activity over here for weeks now, and I know there will be more when I return to my home city for a brief visit over the Lunar New Year holidays. Over here, I have been enjoying the recent additions to our home – my girl friend, her darling Westie girl, and a beautiful Lorikeet. Yeah, the bird does make an awful racket, but he stays in the back and so I am ok. There are plenty of birds in this area anyway, so he just merely adds to the cacophony. I have not suffered from sensory or social overload as yet, because my friend is very respectful of personal space, and she is usually busy in her own room working at her computer anyway. Oh, and we mustn’t forget Panda’s homecoming too! Yes, Panda is back here, in a loving, patient home, where she belongs! Continue reading