food markers

Food can be multi sensorial markers for a journey, tangible physical tabs that help one chronicle the meandering and navigating along the way. Here are my food markers for this trip, a somewhat odd blend of agony and joy, despair and exhilaration all rolled into one jumbled mass.

After arriving at my place of abode, already down with some kind of nasty infection, feverish and in a brain fog, I set about trying to find some nourishment for my weary body. I didn’t manage to get far, due to the sorry state I was in, and settled for a hot dog and an orange juice from the pie and hot dog stand across the road, by the wharf. A sunny day, there were the usual seagulls and pigeons stalking all and any humans sitting at the benches eating. One man brought his little French Bulldog for some sunshine. It was difficult chewing down on the hotdog, my jaw slightly swollen and stiff, but I was quite determined to achieve the feat. The orange juice tasted like soap and plastic though, pretty vile, hence that was abandoned after a few swigs. I so hate to waste. Continue reading




Green tea and jelly with a hint of mint and lemon @ Ichiban Boshi.

Since returning ‘home’ a year ago, this Autistic Bunny has been very well fed. Singapore, of course, is a city that boasts eclectic gastronomic delights to suit all budgets and tastes. My sister and her hubby are foodies too, and they’ve been generously providing the noshments. I do apologise for the lapses here on Bunnyhopscotch, the latest adventure has been a somewhat overwhelming rollercoaster ride, hijacking my thoughts and time with assorted bits and bobs. Nevertheless, I do still faithfully take a visual capture of my food, as a kind of thanksgiving ritual, reminding myself of the moment of gratitude and anticipation, just before the fulfilment. Grace and thankfulness. Always.

Pattern. Liturgical observance. Process unfolding. Gentle celebration. These are all comfort spaces for me, they serve to anchor my Being in the here and now, at the same time, they are springboards that often propel my imagination forward and into faraway dimensions. Continue reading

the sea

at the sea

at the sea

One of my favourite photographs of two of my favourite people in the world, at one of my favourite places in the world. Those were better days. I treasure them now, when life for us all seems so tumultuous and uncertain. This visual image also reminds me of the other less pleasant holidays I’ve had by the sea, with people who cared little for me apart from my usefulness to them (but I, in my ridiculous naivete, did not know it at the time). Juxtaposition is nevertheless necessary, if there were no bad memories, the delightful taste of the good would be less cogent, the kaleidoscope of colours more dull and the wash of comfort too tepid. As for the sea, it remains the sea, immutable witness to the oscillations of human proclivities, always blue, green, grey, pink, red, yellow, orange, thunderous, whistling, pounding, ebbing, flowing, heaving, hissing, whispering, soft, harsh, salty, sweet, bitter, fragrant, piercing, overwhelming, gentle, and in synergetic powerful symphony with the equally cogent sky. The pink and blue in this photograph is exactly the way my own eyes encountered it, no photoshopping and no distortion of the camera lens.

I miss my baby sister and her lovely hubby. I miss her two furbabies. And I miss the sea. Continue reading

sensory confrontation

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The THIS IS NOT ART FESTIVAL 2013 has been running for awhile here in Newcastle, Australia. As mentioned in a previous post, I am exhibiting with Critical Animals at The Lock Up Cultural Centre on Hunter Street. Well, here are some preview photos of my little prison cell, and a brief musing about my experience during setting up on Thursday afternoon.

Setting up was in itself a creative and sensorial confrontational process. Continue reading

greyhound nose art

It’s been wet, cold and miserable the last few days. I’ve kept the window curtains drawn close most of the time. Yesterday morning, I threw open the curtains, and Lucy bounded to the window and tried to look out, but it was foggy and she couldn’t see too well. So, she created nose art! I wonder what it feels like to have a greyhound nose and rub it on a cold, damp window pane? It must be an amazing sensation!

I’ll end today’s blogging activity with two samples of Miss Lucy’s greyhound nose art. Beautiful. And not just because she is my baby!