I love Japanese cuisine, especially the rice, sushi and sashimi. My beloved brother-in-law now works in research and development at a large Japanese food company, and he takes us all out for a meal at least once a month at one of the many Japanese restaurants owned by the company. “Arigato” is the Japanese expression for “Thank You.” I am so fortunate! Continue reading


seraphim & cherubim

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I am no expert, but these represent to me the two highest orders of angels in traditional Christian angelology – probably inherited from ancient Middle Eastern celestial mythology? Anyway, they are stuck in my mind like little neon post-it notes today.

In the almost ridiculously ironic tapestry of juxtapositions that is my life now, I am surrounded by angels of myriad manifestations. Continue reading

visual comfort

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Another day crashed and washed away, down the abyss into nothingness. Nothing achieved. Apart from cupcakes. The only important activity in my day today was hugging and cuddling my Angel. Well, here are some visual images, taken over the last few days of struggle, that have brought me a measure of comfort… Images that trigger more than just visual pleasures of symmetry, asymmetry, colour contrasts, shape, pattern etc, but also associations with motion, movement, taste, smell, texture, personal history, nostalgia, and emotional connectivity.