I love Japanese cuisine, especially the rice, sushi and sashimi. My beloved brother-in-law now works in research and development at a large Japanese food company, and he takes us all out for a meal at least once a month at one of the many Japanese restaurants owned by the company. “Arigato” is the Japanese expression for “Thank You.” I am so fortunate! Continue reading




Chirashi Jyo

Rice. A staple for most Asians. A fine art in Japan.

Here in Singapore, this texture-sensitive, Autistic Bunny tasted the best Japanese rice outside of Japan yesterday at Ichiban Boshi @ Vivocity (well, technically, I’ve only ever been to Kansai airport on an overnight stay due to flight delays and the buffet at the hotel there was pretty sad, but I am guessing that there must be much better rice elsewhere in Japan, non?). Continue reading

saturday noshments

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Yesterday was Saturday. Instead of the weekly noshments with Rick, I tucked into a different kind of feast. No less grace-filled, just as sumptuous, and not lacking in grace. I am now in home country, sunny Singapore. My sister and her hubby brought us out for a simple Japanese meal at Ichiban Boshi.  Continue reading

what the fish?

Fish is expensive, and I can no longer afford to eat my favourites as often as I used to. Once in a long while, though, when there is a super good deal on, I jump at the offer. So, this time around, I had the good fortune of enjoying one of my favourites, Tassal salmon! It was a 200g pack of smoked salmon for cooking, and I lightly pan fried it with thinly sliced leek, with a sprinkling of cubed feta cheese on top. Delicious!  Continue reading

super feast

Luncheon feast today at 1Market. I definitely had way too much to eat. A smorgasbord of different cultural offerings, tastes, textures, colours and smells. Flavours from Thailand, Singapore, Japan, Malaysia, India and more. My favorites? The light and spicy Thai salads and fresh prawns. I am far too stuffed to write a longwinded post about the gastronomic adventure. Suffice to say, I highly recommend this place if you are ever in Singapore. Oh and I should add that the tables are not so close together that one suffers from claustrophobia, unlike many other buffet restaurants. It wasn’t very noisy either. Aside from the odd one or two pushy greedy patrons jostling for the satay or curry, it was pretty peaceful. 🙂 Quite Aspie friendly, only moderately sensory challenging.

Do remember to call and make reservations in advance though. It’s a popular spot. If you are hypersensitive, ask for a table near the window. You get a view too, if you are not averse to some sunlight.


Despite the physical and sensory nightmare suffered during my trip, I nevertheless managed to eat very well, thanks to my dear friends. A gastronomic adventure it was too, revisiting some of my favourite places and dishes. I put on 3kg in just two weeks, but lost it all really quickly, when I was so ill I couldn’t eat a morsel for two days at the end, and ate very little for the entire week I spent back home trying to recover.

Check it out!