Happy New Year!


2014 was a difficult year. The seed was planted by a Random Act of Kindness, which saw the Nightmare House Guest from the Deepest Bowels of Hell moving into my home, tunneling her way through the soft, gentle soil of my life-space with focused sociopathic purpose. The aftermath was horrific. My clean orderly surrounds turned into a sewer of filth and stink, and the atmosphere was filled with loud, screeching – the smelly lorikeet’s ear piercing cries by day, and its owner’s crass swearing by night. Yes, she would swear and scream at the bird for hours every night, while professing how much she loved her bird to everyone who had ears to hear, as well as on social media. The greatest tragedy of all that this woman brought about was that one innocent dog suffered immeasurable agony and lost a leg, a very decent charity was cheated of money that was raised online in their name (the woman pocketed the money), and my life was tossed into a rusty rickety wagon and set upon a crazy roller coaster track.

There were good things, wonderful things, in fact, that came from the grief, however, and 2014 will be for me a memory of juxtapositions. Conniving evil and gentle grace.

What initially was promised as a two week stay unfolded into months, when that woman refused to leave. We eventually had to move out in a hurry, to save myself from diving headlong into breakdown. At our new premises, we met new friends and good people who helped make our stay bearable, lent us support when we needed it, and at other times, they were just there, and that was clemency enough.

Winter turned into spring, and when the angry birds began to viciously attack Lucy every time we stepped outside our cramped little abode, and the resident Unhappy Door Slammer started to shake the very foundations of our gentle sonic sphere, I knew it was time to move on again. I yearned to be back in our old neighbourhood, I needed and wanted so very much to just get back on track with my work, but I did not believe it possible. Yet, grace prevailed, and a wonderful friend provided the wisdom, advice, and means to bring us back to our beloved Paddo.

In the meantime, I was working on my exhibition. There were many who lent their hands to build the work, and to them, I am most grateful.


Once back in the neighbourhood we both love so much, we reconnected with old friends, and made new ones. Lucy is truly Like a Charm!

One of the new friends we’ve made is now sitting at my feet, finding solace and comfort from the noise of the fireworks. While her mum and dad enjoy the pomp and ceremony by the harbour, I am having a wonderful time babysitting the sweetheart, ringing in the New Year with the neighbourhoods’ two most beautiful canine personalities! ❤

IMG_0619sleepover s

Happy New Year, everyone! May 2015 bring new joy, good health, inspiration, love, friendship and yes, the completion of my PhD dissertation! Go, Bunny and Lucy, go!


Thank You!

It’s already New Year’s Day here in Sydney, Australia. Happy New Year to everyone, and thank you for following my little blog, sharing the quirky eats and dropping in to make a comment or two.

Amazing how time just zooms by. I still remember very clearly my first Christmas Day and New Year with my baby girl Lucy. Now, our second one has come and gone in a flurry!

Lucy’s beautiful face was the one that bade me good night in the final moments of 2013 and good morning in 2014. How blessed am I to have so much exquisite beauty always with me? My first breakfast of 2014 was a simple olfactory-gustatory-visual-textural combination microwaved frozen corn with butter and cheese, a sprinkling of sweet paprika, and a few corn chips thrown in for good measure.

2013 was a great year in many ways. Continue reading