After the unpleasant and messy task of washing up the dehydrator trays (yes, remember the smelly lamb’s fry that I sliced and dehydrated for Lucy?), I decided to reward myself. I made a new batch of marshmallow-rice-bubble bars today. The little minx Lucy wanted some, but mumma said, “No, no, baby girl, not for Greyhound Princesses, sorry!” She flounced off into the bed and began to furiously scrunch up the sheets into a giant mound, then flopped down onto the bundle with a loud, “Hmmmmfff!” Hilarious.

No, Lucy, you can sulk all you want but you’re not getting any. I chuckled at her, but I think that made her even less pleased. 🙂 Continue reading

World Stray Animals Day 2014

Beautiful Panda

Beautiful Panda

So much happening in April. Autism Awareness Month, World Autism Day on 2 April, as well as Adopt a Greyhound Month, to name just a few. Today is World Stray Animals Day. When I first arrived in Sydney, I blogged about this day from the perspective of a ‘human stray’ in search of a ‘home.’ This year, I have learned a very sombre lesson about ‘human strays.’ Continue reading