I can do a whole lot of things, and superbly well too. But autistic executive dysfunction is a very real thing, and I need help with the simplest stuff, without which, I am unable to do all the marvellous things as marvellously as I can. Autistic persons need support, no matter ‘where on the spectrum’ we may seem to be. That is why functioning labels are harmful. Stop referring to us as ‘high’ or ‘low’ functioning, we are autistic, we are humans. Start trying to understand how you can support us to do the things we can do well, so that we can in turn help you do the things you cannot do well.


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Sometimes, Clement Space can exist inside inclemency.

I recently spent 3 days and 2 nights at a holiday chalet with immediate and extended family. A grand spectacle of non-stop sensory overload. Unceasing noise. Human chatter at booming, roaring, shrieking, penetrating volume. Clattering of mahjong tiles into the wee, wee, wee-est hours. Thick, choking smells from the barbecue, food being cooked all day, cigarettes (smokers were very considerate, they only smoked outside, but my olfactory receptors picked this up too), and burning mosquito coils.

Oh, yes, and food. An over abundance of food. So much that it became overwhelming, even for a Foodie Bunny. Continue reading


Help and support hanging on the door knob. No need for social interchange if unable to cope with it. This is a blessedness indeed.

I remember a few incidents when I was pursuing my M.Phil in music composition in Hong Kong. I was very unwell – an autoimmune response to what was most probably sensory and emotional overload and meltdown – high fever, excruciating mouth ulcers, crippling arthritis. A few friends came to the rescue. Continue reading



While waiting for my roast pork to cook, I read this interesting post today, “Why We Fear Passion,” featured on The Thinking Person’s Guide to Autism.

One of the passages that reached out to ‘grab’ me was this:

How is it that my son — who delights in finding corners of the universe invisible to the rest of us, and who can literally hear what is scientifically defined as silence — how is it that he is diagnosed with an “inability to connect with the world”? Isn’t he connecting in ways that the rest of us, being so disconnected, don’t even understand?

Indeed. I have recently been grappling with a few similar trajectories. Connection. Connectedness. Communication. Reciprocity. And the ‘Us vs. Them’ conundrum. Continue reading

chicken & misplaced empathy

chicken & spinach patties

chicken & spinach patties

Juxtapositions. Interlocutions. Interstices. Where does misplaced empathy reside? Everywhere, it seems, in the most innocuous too. What does chicken have to do with it all? Read on… Continue reading