inside clement space

Dogs are amazing creatures. I never wish to anthropomorphise them, because they are more beautiful than human beings in my eyes, so why make them into inferior entities by ‘humanising’ them? No. There they are, inside clement space, the way anyone should be when enveloped in tranquility and equilibrium – around them there may be a hundred thousand different things clashing, crashing, turning, pivoting, whirling and reverberating, yet, there, inside their little cocoons of grace, they lay quietly resting. Renewing. Refreshing. Replenishing.

Lucy Like-a-Charm and her two ‘cousins’ Bizcuit and Tiny. Blessedness.

a little clement space

Yesterday. Before the whipping storm arrived, there was a tiny moment where Lucy and I enjoyed a little clement space. Just the two of us, without interjection or intrusion. A bit of lunch – I cooked a nostalgic pot of ‘muichoy’ (a kind of salted preserved Chinese vegetable) soy sauce pork belly with tofu. A spot of tea – ginger and lemongrass. A chunk of fruitcake – Coles brand $3.50, not particularly lofty but good enough for the situation. There was some sunshine for awhile, but then the sun disappeared into the rolling heavy clouds. The air was still and thick, and my legs were aching from the humidity, but the moment in space and time was ours to savour, and we did just that. Continue reading


A relentless longing, inexorable yearning, to be wrapped inside a secure cocoon of tranquil dynamism. It is a small physical (sensory) space of vibrant gentleness, alive and buzzing with elemental connectivities, yet soft, undulating peace. Inside, there is no need to do constant battle with sensory assault, arbitrary social demands, or to meekly bow down at the feet of non-intrinsic tyrannies – no need to engage in the ever clamorous task of ‘performing the unnatural as naturally as possible.’ Continue reading

sensory contrasts

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Jolted from my sleep at 3.30am by a smashing crack! Heart thumping wildly, as if wanting break free of the ribcage, I broke into a cold sweat. The seeping, sickly warm-cold sizzle of fear crawled up my back and clamped around nape. The Door Slammer was up and about. Again. A faulty hydraulic door stopper? No doubt, but knowing that, why couldn’t she make sure to hold the door and close it manually? Doesn’t the sudden explosive crack bother her at all? Obviously not. The terrible thing is, this person persists despite already having been spoken to by the building’s manager. What is worse, since the manager sent out an email to residents about the noise and door slamming issue, urging everyone to be more considerate, a few others have now decided to join in the fun and games, as if in defiant retaliation. Will it, can it get any worse? The saga unfolds… Continue reading


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The combined effect of bright sunlight, clear skies and a surrealistic warmth on a winter’s day, with calm, tranquil isolation, no verbal interaction apart from the odd smile-nod-Thank-You when passers by remarked how beautiful my baby was (during our morning walk), and a deliciously satisfying lunch of lightly pan fried, thinly sliced beef fillet, buttered rice and kale. The beef fillet was a gift from Rick, which sat frozen in my freezer all week. I shared half of it with my baby girl, who gobbled her share up raw, of course. I did use the opportunity to do some recall exercises with her, within the confines of our tiny home. I even managed to entice her into the claustrophobic bathroom, where she remained in “stay, wait” position while I disappeared from her view around the corner, until I called to her to “come!” Good girl. Juicy, fresh, quality raw beef fillet does help, doesn’t it? Continue reading



I received my very first Christmas gift today. A very precious one. A bunch of white roses, slightly fading but still intact and lovely, from one of my homeless friends. He picked them up from somewhere. He’s very clever at picking up things that people discard. Good things. My garden chairs are two very sturdy wooden folding chairs – from him. He’s given me a number of very useful things, from his forays. Thank you so much, my friend, for having me in mind, and making that effort.

It will be a sweet Christmas after all. I am now looking forward to it. Continue reading


It was pork belly week. Yes, how did you guess, pork belly was on special! I marinated it with light soy sauce, a dash of sesame oil, apple cider vinegar and Italian mixed herbs – an east-west blend, I guess? Actually, I was just using whatever I had in the kitchen that came to mind at that moment! I topped it with some sea salt crystals, and put it into the oven at low heat, around 150C for half an hour, then high 220C for ten minutes to give the skin and fat some crackle. Not very successful with the crackle thus far. I should read up more on how to do it. Continue reading


Meltdown. Anxiety attack. Chemical imbalance in brain. Fever. Shaking. Shivering. Eyes smarting. Ulcers suddenly springing up all over throat and inside mouth. Sudden onset of extreme fatigue. What a way to end a day.

I have been in Oxford, UK, for two days now.

Yesterday was a very good day, actually. Until the evening descended, and along with it a huge sensory overload and meltdown. The problem with hypersensitivity is that most of the majority are absolutely ignorant, resistant to learning about and/or accept it, and completely unempathic. I get people who tell me the most ridiculous things, as a response to my description of hypersensitivity. Continue reading

visual feast

Well, it’s Monday again, we had a great weekend, it’s always great when it is quiet and calm, with the exception, of course, for rowdy weekend revelers along my stretch of Oxford Street. A bunch of imbeciles, yes to me and Lucy, they are imbeciles, were popping balloons and poppers, screaming and screeching with laughter, highly intoxicated no doubt, just below my block – at 1am. Beautiful folks, the neurotypical party-animals are. (I do know neurotypicals who are not party-animals, but instead, they prefer their social activities indoors and in more genteel settings. These, I like, they don’t encroach on other people’s mental and sensorial space!)

Anyhow, no food photos to blatantly show off here. I am having the last scrapings of Nutella on a slice of toast, and a tuna and cheese omelette on another slice of toast. You know you are desperate when you resort to stealing food from your doggy! (The tuna is Lucy’s.) Not photo worthy, not that most of what I post here are but today’s breakfast is even more dire looking, so no photo, sorry.

To keep up the visual stimulation, though, I am surfing for pretty images and inspiring ideas. Here is one page I was drooling at, from “Trust Me, I’m a Designer”. An eclectic collection, something here for everyone, methinks!

Here’s one of favourites.



Have a good Monday, folks!