activism, advocacy vs clement space


Yawning angel

This Autistic Bunny is not mired in meaningless repetition from “having autism”. This Autistic Bunny is mired in frustrating, seemingly futile repetition due to the utter lack of empathy and/or regard of the non-autistic world. Especially the ones who congregate around the money-spinning, job producing, status boosting Autism Bandwagon. Armed only with the medical model and little to no understanding of lived-experience, they declare themselves ‘experts’ and sell their ‘expertise’ in myriad ways to desperate ignorant non-autistic parents, students in institutes of higher learning who start off wanting to do good and make a difference, peers in academia who know nothing so just readily accept the viewpoints of these ‘experts’, and politicians in positions of governmental power.

What kind of ‘Autism Crisis’ is this? Not created by autistic persons for sure. But autistics are trying their best to clear the flotsam and jetsam that is being tossed around in seamless repetition by the non-autistic world. How do we even move forward one step at a time, when each step is a perilous risk?

To be clear, I say this again. I am not an Autism Activist. I advocate, somewhat passionately and vigorously, only because there is so much rubble strewn across each and every pathway that I need to clear the rubbish before I am able to venture forth. One just cannot safely and smoothly walk along paths that are chockfull of hazardous waste. I am no expert in bomb disposal, and I’d much rather have safe spaces to live in so I can focus on creating my art and doing meaningful workshops to help people, but what else can I do if the way forward is a minefield? Each day, I feel I am neglecting the very Being that is keeping me alive, giving me sustenance in a way no human creature ever can. I long to retreat into that space of clemency where I can commune with my Lucy in our soul enriching elemental empathic way. Yet, I have to sally forth into that awful domain of autism advocacy, speaking the truth where nobody dares or wants to, and all just to ask for basic respect and true inclusion.

I do worry about being blown up someday by one of the mines I am trying to clear. I do this for myself, for other autistics, and mostly to benefit the next generation. 

What kind of world do you hope for your autistic, neurodivergent and/or disabled child to live in, what kind of tomorrow? Today is not good enough. We need to work on a safer, gentler Neurocosmopolitan world.

…. yes… But what am I doing to and for the Pulchritude that lies in my bed so steadfastly preferring life-giving energy to this tired autistic soul? I owe her a debt I am never going to be able to fully repay. My Lucy Like-a-Charm.

speaking through the senses

I am a Foodie Aspie. However, not every autistic person enjoys food and the process of eating. Many of us have strong aversions to tastes and textures. Yet, others, like me, are strongly attracted to sensory stimulation associated with food. To me, my connection with food is an extension of my own sensory communication and communion with Self and Other. Food is also one of the channels through which I interact with Lucy, a tangible palpable yet mental space that I can share with Lucy, wherein semantic language is not necessary. Continue reading

parallel embodiment

luncheon for one

luncheon for one

A surreal sort of day, with wet dreary cold air swirling around, seeming to disregard the bright, sunny skies. My lower limbs can detect wetness in the atmosphere, they begin to hurt when it is muggy. Lunch was a Mother’s Day gift to myself. I bought a small pack of lamb chops, cut away the bone, marinaded in black pepper and light soy sauce, lightly pan friend in olive oil, and served with rice, oven roasted capsicum, and a mandarin orange. Lucy chewed on one of the largest rib bones, but I took it away when she’d gnawed it down halfway. She is a good girl, she lets me take away her food, though I make sure I always offer her an exchange, to be fair. 🙂

I have been thinking about parallel embodiment and empathic mental states. What does this have to do with cooking and degustation? Food has so many parallels to the way we strategise life itself, because so much of our preconceptions and sensorial functioning is formed around our food! Continue reading

looking at looking

I really enjoyed this talk by V.S. Ramachandran yesterday. It really deserves to be accessed a few more times, to allow the mind to look and listen and create upon the concepts introduced. It really does wonders when a very brilliant mind presents a talk with a lot of humour too!

I have been doing some thinking about neuroaesthetics and neurocosmopolitanism lately. It seems that neuroscience really does need to take a good hard indepth and open minded revised look at the way it investigates and presents neurological differences. The whole ableist neurotypical-skewed foundations towards what constitutes impairments and how to frame these findings seem to be screaming out desperately for a more transdisciplinary artistic and humanist approach. Continue reading