broken angel


an angel’s trust

once betrayed

how soon

if ever

to win again?

rage deflected


a deafening thud

upon innocence

blow once dealt

cannot be rescinded

how contemptible

such horror this?

devil’s mischief

humanity’s defeat

heartbreaking cry

angel’s grief

sleep now

my sweet

rock-a-bye babe

human tears

are made of folly

dear sweet angel

i have failed

your love

so undeserved

yet pleading

forgive me

my disgraceful



a cautionary ditty to an aspie bunny

Love Me Or Leave Me – a song about deceit. (circa 2000)

BLEEDING CESSPOOLS OF BEAUTY - screenshots from Scheherazade's Sea 2010

BLEEDING CESSPOOLS OF BEAUTY – screenshots from Scheherazade’s Sea 2010

grandiose delusions
flamboyant hallucinations
ludicrous denial
hideous betrayal
“there are none so blind”…
yet lies sublime
such tendrils strong
pull the unwary along
before you realise
what danger subterfuge
you’re caught inside the vortex
naiveté centrifuged

19 March 2014


“You are innocent when you dream.” That’s a quote from a Tom Waits song.

My baby is always innocent. She is as close to purity and innocence incarnate as any living being can be. I love to just gaze at her when she sleeps. Sometimes, she has dreams that make her whimper ever so forlornly. Other times the whimpers escalate and become tiny sobs and stifled howls. Always gentle. Always soft. Never violent. Even in her dreams. And I wonder, what is it that torments her inside these buried memories? Continue reading