coming home

Dear Lucy,

Mumma’s coming home.

I know you’ve missed me. I missed you terribly too.

I am so sorry, my dearest love.

I will work ever harder, I promise, to provide a better life for you and me.

Thank you for your unquestioning patience, quiet endurance, and silent forbearance. I am devastated at having caused you pain.

I am coming home. In just a few hours, I will be with you again.

All my love and gratitude,

Mum Continue reading

tropical winter solstice


A tropical winter solstice? Yes. Strange as it may seem, some traditions carry on despite marked changes in geographical situation.

The Chinese celebrate winter solstice around the world, with tong yuen (Cantonese) / tang yuan (putonghua) 湯圓 – chewy little round glutinous rice dumplings with sweet sesame or red bean or peanut paste filling.

Our little family – my baby sister, her hubby, mum, and I – had ours with a South East Asian twist. Instead of the typical Chinese sweet ginger ‘soup’ in which the dumplings are usually served, Robin used ‘mata kuching‘ (a type of ‘longan’ from Borneo). Robin also made a ‘dry’ version, coated in ground peanut.

(The furry children had their own dog-friendly dessert, which was gobbled down in a few seconds, before I had the chance to photograph them.)

We spent the evening watching a DVD of a Hong Kong telly serial. Subdued and low key – but clement.

Happy Winter Solstice!

home again


Cold Soba with salmon roe

Cold soba noodles with salmon roe for lunch today. A most pleasant light meal on a particularly hot and muggy day.

We are home again. Home has been many places for us both. Some more clement than others, we’ve wandered through a few amazing adventures along our nomadic meanderings. The good, bad and ugly: home invasion by a brazen con woman and her flea-riddled dog and noisome bird, trusted friendship betrayed at a most crucial moment, tossed into the wilderness of uncertainty, and mired inside sensory hell-hole, somehow, we survived. And then there was the sweet, graceful and lovely: loyal friends, exciting explorations, chance encounters, and of course there was the yummy weekend noshments with Rick to look forward to. It’s been a pretty interesting journey. Our little rusty wheelbarrow trundles ever onwards. Lucy and I are now settling into our new home in Singapore. Lucy isn’t very impressed by the humidity (but neither am I). Continue reading

saturday noshments

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Yesterday was Saturday. Instead of the weekly noshments with Rick, I tucked into a different kind of feast. No less grace-filled, just as sumptuous, and not lacking in grace. I am now in home country, sunny Singapore. My sister and her hubby brought us out for a simple Japanese meal at Ichiban Boshi.  Continue reading



Bruncheon in Paddington. Back to familiar space: sounds, smells, sights, textures and tastes. We know this well. It speaks peace. The basso continuo flows gently, meandering knowingly through patterns established. Home. Yet no more ours. Still, its benevolent space remains embedded in mind and soul, a soft unspoken clemency.

First to Not Just Coffee. Then the Paddington Markets for round two. How many more appoggiatura will the universe accord us here? Time suspends yet moves forcefully onwards in a contrapuntal dichotomy. Thank, loyal friend, for today. Tomorrow, where shall we be?



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The rain was playing tricks with us today. First it poured, so we thought we’d cancel our little outing, then the sun emerged, and we decided to go ahead. While in the bus, the skies opened up again. We made our way back to our old neighbourhood in the rain. I had forgotten my rain hat, but I was very glad I remembered Lucy’s raincoat and my Princess was nice and dry. When we arrived at our favourite pet supplies shop, Rupert and Dora, the sun decided to make another appearance!

I am exhausted from the sensory overload and physical effort, but it was well worth it. The nearer we got to ‘home’ the more Lucy became excited, sniffing the air, sniffing the trees and she was actually smiling. It brought bake memories of an incident some time ago, when we were walking near our old home, a lady stopped us and remarked, “Do you know, your dog is smiling?” Of course, she had a marvelous time at Rupert and Dora, where her beloved Auntie Sylvie showered her with kisses and treats! Mumma came away with three bully sticks and Auntie Sylvie threw in one huge beef chewie as a present to Lucy! Continue reading

survival mode

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Moving house is stressful for anyone. For a middle-aged Aspie Bunny with hypersenses and a painful autoimmune condition, it is a nightmare of monumental proportions. In the two and a half years I have been in Sydney, I have moved five times to date. Each time, I felt aged by a few years just from the ordeal itself! Continue reading

lost and found

I am struggling inside my head, trying to unravel the tangled swirling mass of threads weaving in and out, round and about, producing strange tensions and loud static noise. I heard some good news today, though after first rejoicing at the positive, there settled over me a thin blanket of nauseous melancholy. It was then that I realised the events surrounding the Miss Louise debacle has affected me more piercingly deeply than spread out broadly, for want of better analogy, and with longer lasting effects than I was consciously aware of.

But let me tell you the good news! Continue reading


A few thoughts on miniature lowbrow gardening from an Autistic Bunny’s perspective this morning. I brought along a few plants from the old house, and they are living quite happily in the balcony of our new home. I was in such a worn and weary state because of the filth and mess that enveloped the entire home when Miss Louise moved in, that I almost gave up and didn’t want to bring any plants over to the new place – I am now glad I did. They provide a kind of sensory cheer to the corner, even though I am not much of a gardening talent. Continue reading

soothing soup and Hello Kitty

It’s been a tad cooler these days. I don’t like the rain, but I am grateful that I have a safe cosy and clean home to shelter in and my beautiful warm Lucy to cuddle up with. I have been thinking about my homeless friends, who I have not seen since moving out of Paddington. I miss them. And I think Lucy does too. I wonder how they are doing and where they are sleeping when it is cold and wet. One cannot save the world and right all wrongs, but one does wish one were better disposed to help those with whom one has formed personal connections, even if these connections were merely ten minutes of chatting every day. Continue reading