chicken for recycling

Chicken microwave roast.

Chicken microwave roast.

Yes, you read that right. I cooked chicken last night, for recycling over three meals. Here is the first visual installment. I had one of the chicken drumsticks and some potato for dinner that evening. I really do like the little microwave roasting pot. I use it often now, since we moved into this tiny studio flat, especially on days when I just don’t feel like enduring the invasive smells of cooking lingering on every surface. This time around, I marinaded the chicken with light soya sauce, oyster sauce and two tablespoons of Dolmio tomato sauce for bolognese. I added the one lonesome remaining potato from the Thoughtful Foods box from weeks ago, and one sad looking too-soft tomato from the pack of cheap tomatoes I bought at the Asian veggie store down the road. Oh, and there’s garlic and onion too. Continue reading

style and stereotypes

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Winter is setting in here. I am putting away my summer things and taking out the winter gear, while my baby girl is curled up in bed watching. Mummy is at it again, she must be thinking. While going through my too many clothes, I began to discover more and more items that have been stolen by Miss L and her lackey JulieP. It is very upsetting, because some of the pieces they stole were items that I treasured and I’d wanted to wear again. My brain is trying to move away from the emotional outrage, so I started musing on the contentious subject of dressing, style and the Aspie female. This is yet another misconception I repeatedly encounter: Aspie girls ‘have no sense for / interest in fashion.’ I’ve heard this from a range of people, from the ordinary person-in-the-street, to the ridiculous public media, and even respected experts in the field of autism. Continue reading

World Autism Day 2014


April 2nd is World Autism Day. In celebration of this day, I am writing a little retrospective of events that have taken place in my life, since my first celebration of World Autism Day in 2011. Continue reading