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Eat this, darling, it’s good for your Autism!

Why are so many autistic adults upset about and with “Autism Moms”? Why do so many autistic adults (myself included) seem to speak so ‘harshly’ against Autism Moms? And why are so many autistic adults broken, devastated, crushed, traumatised and yes, suicidal?

It is a collective hurt, a cultural pain and trauma suffered by the Autistic Community, that is embedded deeply inside our Being. No other group of disabled persons in recent years has been subjected to such forceful and sometimes even well orchestrated multi-dimensional assault, exploitation, misrepresentation, patronising condescension and stigma as Autistics.  Everyone is an expert on Autism, except the Actually Autistic. Continue reading

awful spectacle

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I posted this in my Official Facebook Page on Friday. It was a reflex reaction to having viewed two terribly humiliating and degrading videos of a young autistic child having a meltdown, recorded and uploaded to one of the many Autism Parenting Support groups in Facebook, by one of the many self-styled Autism Mom Guru types. Continue reading


Exploitation happens everywhere, any place where there are humans. We are quite the experts on this. From small scale efforts in families and among ‘friends,’ all the way to big businesses in the ‘free’ economy (and the not-so-free). Personal relationships, office politics, ‘pettybooboo’ stuff, and mega power plays. We are mired in exploitation – we exploit as well as are exploited every step of our existence.

My autistic brain prefers to focus on the small details, noticing every fine nuance within the narrow sphere. The global processing style of the wider neurotypical population veers towards the bigger picture, and often missing out on the important details. It isn’t that either of our neuro-cultures are incapable of seeing the opposite way, it is just an innate neurological predilection. But we can and must train our brains to perceive from all sides of the perceptual spectrum.

What is this about, then, Bunny?

Pet food and pet treats. Continue reading