Monday. I don’t usually have an issue with Mondays the way most people do. I work through the weekends anyway, there are so many facets of my work, pleasurable and captivating dimensions every which way, so Monday is just another day. However, both Lucy and I weren’t at our perkiest today. The baby girl seemed moody, not her usual bouncy self. As for me, it was a surreal ‘fuzzy-fog’ kind of day where the air smelled ponderous and there was a basso continuo throbbing through the muscles of my body.

We are determined foodie girls, nevertheless, and food we must enjoy! Continue reading


After the unpleasant and messy task of washing up the dehydrator trays (yes, remember the smelly lamb’s fry that I sliced and dehydrated for Lucy?), I decided to reward myself. I made a new batch of marshmallow-rice-bubble bars today. The little minx Lucy wanted some, but mumma said, “No, no, baby girl, not for Greyhound Princesses, sorry!” She flounced off into the bed and began to furiously scrunch up the sheets into a giant mound, then flopped down onto the bundle with a loud, “Hmmmmfff!” Hilarious.

No, Lucy, you can sulk all you want but you’re not getting any. I chuckled at her, but I think that made her even less pleased. 🙂 Continue reading

ichthyo synchrony

My friend Rick came over for another of our Saturday bruncheons. His visits are always welcome, and ever so politely brief. Today, I was running a fever, and didn’t feel like eating, but I did manage to have a great time rambling anyway (while Rick ate whatever was on offer with true sporting spirit! 🙂 ).

I put together two more DIY pizzas – the pita bread is still sitting in my fridge, what better way to use some up? Half a green capsicum and half an aubergine, both from my Thoughtful Foods veggie and fruit box (two weeks ago!). And of course, some of that smoked salmon, which I had placed into separate ziplock bags and stored in the freezer. Continue reading

World Autism Day 2014


April 2nd is World Autism Day. In celebration of this day, I am writing a little retrospective of events that have taken place in my life, since my first celebration of World Autism Day in 2011. Continue reading