I’ve been asked to write a short chapter for some commemorative book, on the topic of clarity. Seeing clearly. Something along those lines. It’s turning out to be the hardest 1,000 word essay in my recent history of writing anything. What’s the grand fuss about? I love the topic of clarity, so why am I humming and hawing, to-ing and fro-ing, procrastinating, starting and faltering, and just flummoxing around? I’ve even tried to wriggle out of it – after all, this isn’t a paid job, and I’m sure as hell or gummy-bears not doing it for the ‘fame’ (infamy is more like it, at the rate I’m going) – but the editors were persuasive, and so here I am, at the end of the six-month-extended deadline, blogging about it instead of writing it.

Well, it is a sticky treacly tricky word, “clarity” is, and the specific topic mentioned in the brief is mired in lumpy boggy viscosity. It would not bode well for any author – let alone an Autistic Bunny already well-known for an unwelcome abundance of blunt honesty – to take the brief too seriously, that is, to the letter. My brain is crumpled, like a lump of deep-fried soft-shell crab left out in the rain, just trying to approach the subject.

I have a dark, ominous feeling that my signature crispy, limpid pellucidity would not do well in a collection such as this one. I don’t want to waste my time and effort, but it’s just not a possible feat for me to achieve the proliferate commonplace simpering obsequious sycophantic juggling act either.

Truth be told, the skies have been slowly clearing and opening up for me in recent years, and being able to see everything clearly is indeed a necessary and powerful thing.

However, I think the kind of “seeing clearly” the editors want is the Johnny Nash feel-good stuff…


While I am veering towards this other kind of “clarity”…


On a clear day, you can see forever…

Wish me luck!

Thank You!

It’s already New Year’s Day here in Sydney, Australia. Happy New Year to everyone, and thank you for following my little blog, sharing the quirky eats and dropping in to make a comment or two.

Amazing how time just zooms by. I still remember very clearly my first Christmas Day and New Year with my baby girl Lucy. Now, our second one has come and gone in a flurry!

Lucy’s beautiful face was the one that bade me good night in the final moments of 2013 and good morning in 2014. How blessed am I to have so much exquisite beauty always with me? My first breakfast of 2014 was a simple olfactory-gustatory-visual-textural combination microwaved frozen corn with butter and cheese, a sprinkling of sweet paprika, and a few corn chips thrown in for good measure.

2013 was a great year in many ways. Continue reading