clement space in the city


I spent the last few nights and days in this sofa, positioned right next to the loo. For safety, because I nearly fell down the winding stairs connecting to the loft bed. And for convenience, in case I had to throw up. A good thing I am short, but still, I have not laid down properly in a bed, stretched out, for this entire time. Continue reading

the cold soggy

Rained for three days. Cold, wet, horrible rain. Lucy hates it. She won’t go out in the rain. No pee or poo for her. And I get worried when she holds it in for too long. The record was 16hours. I was frantic with worry. Now, it is getting colder too. Thankfully, kind friends gave Lucy a lovely warm coatie. Kept her warm, but she was having none of the rain. She still won’t go out in that rain, coatie or no. And her ears were cold too. So I modified my own neck warmer into a snood for her. And yes, she needs another set of PJs too. Mum has to be more attentive. Weather change. It’s autumn now. And winter is soon going to set in.

I hate the damp and wet too. I don’t so much mind the cold. We just want the sun to shine.

Rainy Day Victuals

Rained all day again. It is getting cooler too. I guess autumn really is setting in. The Princess had another tough day, the rain really upsets her a lot. She was grumpy and a little sookie today. Who can blame her? My legs were aching from the damp. I don’t mind cool, I just hate damp and humid, whatever the temperature may be.

Well, it’s smoked salmon day today. And some braised soy sauce chicken. A lot of salad. And snacking in between. Continue reading