Autistic Thriving @TEDx Pickering


“Autistic Thriving” – Dawn-joy Leong & Lucy Like-a-Charm. (Captions available on Youtube – please turn on cc option.)

Apologies for not posting this earlier.

“Just what you being made ‘aware’ of? And where are the Actually Autistic voices in this grand cacophony of opinions and interpretations?”

bog spin

The irony. The concrete evidence of sensory response to environment and spatial situation. Here. Now. It was a crazy move. But I needed it. Stuck in the previous circumstance, going insane with white hissing ear splitting fear each time the Merry Unhappy Door Slammer played Wagner with her door, too exhausted to work at my art studio (the entire process of the journey there and back were so fraught), I was severely limited in my capacity to work. And uninspired. Moving back to our old and familiar neighbourhood in the middle of preparations for the exhibition was not a logical thing to do, but it was a desperate need. It cost me precious time and energy, my body is breaking down from being pushed to beyond its sensible limits. The flip side? Peace. Calm. And inspiration. My mind is now awash with exciting ideas. But there is no more time to execute them all. A pity. Such textural richness has suddenly begun to take root and sprout generous branches. I cannot possibly translate and realise the many reverberations echoing in my mind, not within such a short time frame anyway.

The exhibition opens next Monday 10 November. Setting up this weekend. I just have to keep going and do what I can. A feeling of surreal suspension.

Executive dysfunction. Brain bog. Sensory spin. Racing pulse. Anxiety overdrive. Floating on a cloud of vertiginous foam. Craving sugar and potato crisps. Lunching on frankfurters in cheap buns. Time has run out. Just keep going. No time to think anymore. Go, go, go, Bunny, Tally Ho!

P.S. My angel keeps me company, my calming balm and muse. We cuddle in bed and all feels well again. Tomorrow is another day.


rainy day lunch

rainy day lunch

Grace. That is the word that is resounding inside my brain this morning. It has huge resonance, a deep basso continuo, with a wordless, tuneless contrapuntal soliloquy dancing atop. It is a feeling of lightheartedness, yet intense and profound without semantic description. Grace has no didactic voice. It does not dictate morals or pedagogy of ethics. Grace just is. Continue reading

happy home

(It’s a non-verbal day for me today. Lucy will be my ‘voice’ for this post, she has a better talent for being positive.)

I love early morning walkies!

I love early morning walkies!

Good morning, everybody! This morning, I met a very kind and gentle old man. He was cleaning the rubbish bins downstairs. His name is Rafael, and I like him very much. Mumma said my bum was doing a boogie as my tail wagged vigorously, and I made Greyhound chattering sounds. All I knew was this man is a good human and I wanted to jump up and kiss and hug him! I don’t do this often, but some humans are special, aren’t they? Mumma must learn from me, she says, because I pick the good ones better than she can! 🙂

I love our new home very much. There’s lots to sniff at, so many places to go walkies in, plenty of green grass and clean pavements, and rats and possums and even kitties too! Mumma is happy that I am happy. Mum even tells me I do good poops these days! She gives me a treat every time I do a poop. I wonder why mum is so bothered about poop? Continue reading


What does a Foodie Aspie Bunny do when in the throes of insidious depression triggered by manic turbulence created by off-kilter humans? Cook. Eat. And hug the beautiful velvet silk warm vanilla Greyhound!

Yesterday’s gustatory panacea: Chicken and veggie quickie-stew, Chinese style, with oyster sauce. The veggie from last Thursday’s Thoughtful Foods box is still very good. I cut up two carrots, one radish, and an apple to throw into the bubbling mix. Oh, and the second helping came with microwaved mini pappadam. My Princess waited ever so patiently while I ate. She is a foodie too, like her mummy, but she never bothers me when I eat my meals. Unlike other dogs I’ve known, Lucy doesn’t sit around and beg. She will just lie in her bed (or my bed) and watch me, sleepily. No matter what the situation, my Lucy always provides the tranquility in the midst of nauseating turbulence. Continue reading

Interview on Small Animal Talk

Portrait - Me & My gal

Our Interview with Dr. Ann Fawcett on Small Animal Talk

Here we are guys! Doing our bit for autism, service dogs and Greyhound advocacy, my Princess and I on Small Animal talk! It was a wonderful honour to be interviewed here and I hope we can help to generate more interest and understanding on the subject. (If you have a diagnosed condition and want to find out about getting a service dog or know someone who may do well with a service dog, please contact mindDog.)

P.S. Sorry this is a few days late. I thought I’d published this post but somehow it failed to load and remained in my drafts box until I noticed it today!