Autism Acceptance?


Autism MeetUp 2016, UNSW Art & Design

Community service announcement:

Dear organisations jumping on the Autism Bandwagon. You really need to do better than “everyone else” if you wish to win the trust and confidence of Actually Autistic people. That is IF you truly wish to be inclusive (as you so claim) and learn about intrinsic autistic modalities and paradigms, in order to properly support autistic people in respectful ways. This is the ‘homework’ you need to do BEFORE asking autistic people to do freebie work for your ’cause’. Show us that you are worthy of our efforts. Any other is at best mere tokenism, and at worst exploitation. Add to that, spreading harmful misinformation.

#actuallyautistic #autismacceptance #nothingaboutuswithoutus

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Embracing Autism

My contribution to Embracing Autism Month – enough (misdirected) ‘awareness’ and moving beyond mere ‘acceptance’… how about we begin to embrace autism?

Thank you, Martin Guinness of Guinness Entertainment, for making this video!

Rough Transcript (by me):

My name is Dawn-joy. I am autistic. I was diagnosed in my early forties – I am fifty now. Living and coping with life in general has been the hugest challenge for me. Being autistic is not in itself a huge challenge, but being autistic and coping with living in a social system, a spatially designed system, that is not innate and often not kind towards innate autistic function, has been the greatest challenge in my life. Continue reading

awareness & acceptance


Day 4 of Autism Acceptance Month. A thought from The Bunny:

I spotted this in my Facebook feed today. This quote is true to a certain extent, but, for me, it isn’t really about boredom per se. Actually, I myself most likely come across as utterly boring to many people anyway, since my idea of fun is contrary to theirs.

It’s more that there is so much that is wonderful going on in my mind, so many things I am thinking about that captivate me that I wish to pursue, or fascinating solitary activities I want to embark upon, and at the same time, so many inexplicable obstacles to navigate and challenges to overcome, that being with people in a purely social situation interrupts the process of weaving this rich tapestry and thus becomes an acute agony, frittering away precious time and energy. Yes, I’d rather be experimenting with a piece of old granny crochet at home, seated on the soft comfy cushion, Lucy by my side, her smell wrapped around my senses, counting the stitches, listening to the rhythmic repetition and watching the progress of each loop and stitch, watching an old video or humming along with Glenn Gould playing Bach, than chatting in a cafe. The latter is a necessity of functioning in the wider world, a payback act of gratitude to those who have been good to me, but the former is sheer pleasure and comfort in my elemental Beingness. Continue reading