food markers

Food can be multi sensorial markers for a journey, tangible physical tabs that help one chronicle the meandering and navigating along the way. Here are my food markers for this trip, a somewhat odd blend of agony and joy, despair and exhilaration all rolled into one jumbled mass.

After arriving at my place of abode, already down with some kind of nasty infection, feverish and in a brain fog, I set about trying to find some nourishment for my weary body. I didn’t manage to get far, due to the sorry state I was in, and settled for a hot dog and an orange juice from the pie and hot dog stand across the road, by the wharf. A sunny day, there were the usual seagulls and pigeons stalking all and any humans sitting at the benches eating. One man brought his little French Bulldog for some sunshine. It was difficult chewing down on the hotdog, my jaw slightly swollen and stiff, but I was quite determined to achieve the feat. The orange juice tasted like soap and plastic though, pretty vile, hence that was abandoned after a few swigs. I so hate to waste. Continue reading

within the lines

Lucy inspires me. Really she does, and in concrete ways too. This morning, I washed and hung the kitchen rug and an old blanket of Lucy’s out in the balcony to dry, and then settled down to do some reading outside. As the sun climbed higher in the sky and began to shine directly at the balcony, I retreated back inside, but Lucy decided to do a spot of sunbathing. I watched her from my desk at the door, very happy that she is at last getting over her fear of being in the balcony, thinking about how my own enjoyment of the space and a few well administered treats may have helped her along the way.At the same time, I was distractedly contemplating the article I was reading, about Autistm and proprioceptivity, and the following memories and resultant thoughts flooded my mind. Continue reading

mini super pizza

the super pizza !

the super pizza !

There are times when I do wish I had a close friend around who would do the cooking and cleaning for me. The intrusion would be most welcome right now – I have been in Aspie-High-Anxiety-Mode for weeks now, gathering momentum (the anxiety) and going into a wild stretto right now. One week left. Please come to my exhibition if you are in Sydney or passing through!

Dinner tonight was a simple but extremely filling mini super pizza – I used a pita bread base, it is softer and so much easier to tackle on a low energy day. Copious aounts of cheese, one tinned tomato (the tomato paste grew moldy and I threw it away), spinach, bacon and shredded roast chicken. I did take out the olive bottle but forgot to add them. Fresh cut chilli on top to add some zest to the super meal.

Exhaustion – physical and mental fatigue. Detail focus cognition is great fun when creating art, but not so grand when swimming upstream towards a deadline! Wish me good luck!

jealousy or misperception?

hyperbolic crochet weekend 'work'

hyperbolic crochet weekend ‘work’

I worked on some hyperbolic crochet all weekend. Takes ages to make one piece, especially since I am not the zippy experienced granny crochet expert! And, as I was enjoying the process of working my fingers sore and watching a marathon of youtube Brit telly, the following thoughts came to mind. Continue reading