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Leftovers for Breakfast

Leftover fish and chips from Massimo’s Arthouse Kitchen for breakfast this morning. Our final day in Sydney. We said our goodbyes to beloved Paddington and our former neighbours yesterday. Very sad to learn that ‘Old Bill’ who lived across the road from us had passed away during our absence. He was always so gentle and kind, and Lucy loved visiting because Bill always had doggy treats for her. I remember the lovely Chopin Etudes he used to play on his little baby grand, it made me smile and yearn for musical days gone by. Walking down the street towards Wendy’s and Peter’s, we bumped into Judy and her sweet fluffy Sam. Fifi, the little rescued teacup poodle heard us and began to bark – Wendy came out from inside, and we were soon engulfed in animated conversation. Continue reading

petites aventures

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Every day is a little adventure, for me and Lucy. I do treasure our life together very much. The struggles that dot the canvas, the small rips and tears, the unintended splotches and spills, the hazy bleeding of one colour into another, the nebulous abstract forms dancing with concrete ponderous entities… all these constitute eclectic parts of our rich tapestry.

Life, for me, is best in the details. Continue reading

roller coaster

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My life is never boring. In fact, I do not know first hand what that word really means. To me, boredom is a technical term, without personal application. I have been yearning for more, longing for Selfness, in the midst of subjugation by the Colonial Other. However, I have not known boredom. For this, I feel eternally grateful.

This does not mean that I don’t wish away some of the exciting things that happen to me – the physical limitations, the suffering, the straightened financial situation of a scholar’s life are all things I endure, rather than enjoy. I find myself far too inundated with exciting activity not of my own choosing, that I have not the time and energy to embark on half the wonderful things that flood and thrill my mind and soul.

Nevertheless, my life is not boring, whichever way one looks at it.

Still wobbling from the aftermath of the exhibition, trying to tidy the home, anxious to organise and systemise my living environment in order to facilitate a better living, working and creative environment, I’ve been suddenly flung into an unstable jiggling cart flying through the air on a bumpy roller coaster track. Continue reading

Thank You!

It’s already New Year’s Day here in Sydney, Australia. Happy New Year to everyone, and thank you for following my little blog, sharing the quirky eats and dropping in to make a comment or two.

Amazing how time just zooms by. I still remember very clearly my first Christmas Day and New Year with my baby girl Lucy. Now, our second one has come and gone in a flurry!

Lucy’s beautiful face was the one that bade me good night in the final moments of 2013 and good morning in 2014. How blessed am I to have so much exquisite beauty always with me? My first breakfast of 2014 was a simple olfactory-gustatory-visual-textural combination microwaved frozen corn with butter and cheese, a sprinkling of sweet paprika, and a few corn chips thrown in for good measure.

2013 was a great year in many ways. Continue reading