pancakes & jelly beans


I don’t know why my brain produced that title. There are no pancakes or jelly beans in any of my photographic offerings here today. The words were just echoing inside, wriggling and jiggling among the other bits and bobs, and so I decided I’d let them out to dance around. Perhaps something to do with switching modes from the ‘seriousness’ of advocacy etc to the now ‘lighthearted’ topic of food and friendships?

Food is an integral part of fellowship for humans, methinks. I miss our weekend noshment adventures with friend Rick, mostly in Paddo, though he did travel to Kensington for the dire period when Lucy and I were trapped in that not so suitable environment. And of course, when we were forced to move to awful Rose Bay, Rick valiantly came to our mental rescue. Thanking the cosmos for really great friendships, without them I’d not have preserved even this little semblance of my ability to function!

I do think, however, Asians love their food with a fierce kind of passion that is unrivalled elsewhere. I mean, here in Singapore, we even ‘war’ with our Malaysian neighbour over who has first rights to Nasi Lemak and Laksa!

Me, I just prefer to eat the stuff, I don’t care who did it first. I get to eat it and I am happy. This is a ‘happy’ post, of random food-ings that I’ve indulged in, my Food in May documentation, I guess.

OK, so no jelly beans but there’s Konyaku. My baby sister bought this for mum the other day, she’s always thoughtful like that. It looked beautiful, such artistry, and it tasted delicious. Lucy liked it too.


Lucy also loves blueberries – we used to indulge in these popping blue bobs of flavour during season in Sydney. Harris Farm was our go-to place. These ones weren’t half as sweet, but the mango was great! Miss Lucy shared half the bowl with me.


I don’t cook as often as I used to now, as food is readily available everywhere in Singapore and not particularly expensive either. A walk (albeit in the hot humid heat) across the road takes me to Roti Prata and Zi Char dishes of all kinds. But sometimes, I just want to recreate that buzz inside the mouth and the satisfaction of having cooked my own food, a throwback to my happy food-y Sydney days where it was both a challenge and an achievement to savour.

Turmeric roast chicken thigh with yellow tomatoes and brown & red rice.

I’m adding turmeric to my food these days – I have no idea how well it will work to lubricate my creaky joints but I do like the taste of it.


Ikea Inspiration

And there was that sortie to Ikea for new bedsheets etc that inevitably had me browsing around in the food section and leaving with yet another bagful of goodies. The hotdog bun thingy isn’t really very original, it’s just another Ikea DIY construction, but I added chopped yellow tomato and garbanzo paste to it for a bit of difference.


Luk Chup (“look-choop”)

Of course, any trip to Little Thailand in Golden Mile must yield a packet of Luk Chup! We especially love Diandin Leluk, but the Thai Mookata place upstairs is pretty amazing too.

And sometimes, my breakfast gets to look like this:


Char Siew Bao & Siew Mai from Teck Kee

Oh yes, and once a month, we tuck into Japanese fare at our favourite Ichiban Boshi!


I’ve been working hard at home on several projects, and so GrabFood, Deliveroo and FoodPanda are now my good friends. This was a treat to myself, from Soup Restaurant, the Samsui Chicken and ginger sauce is to-die for! And I do love Tofu done this way too. Of course, I didn’t finish it all at one sitting – I made it stretch.


Samsui Chicken & Braised Tofu

And then there are the meals I have with good friends – the inevitable overload from having to step outside the comfortable space of home is a worthy price to pay.

A friend from my days at the University of Hong Kong was in town on a business trip, and we had dinner in a little nooky place called SinPoPo (no doubt named after the infamous Karaoke bar in Geylang?). The Nasi Lemak set for two was filling and while not super fabulous, it was tasty enough. What mattered was seeing my friend again and catching up.


The last catch-up of the month of May was at the Marriot Hotel with a family of three very special people – mum, dad and son. We met when I was teaching preschool, and meandered in and out of spheres, until recently catching up again when the young man, who was my preschool student, became my video editor for one of my installations in the BIG Anxiety Festival in Sydney.


And I’ll leave you now with a last look at one of my random lunches. I eat whatever is in the fridge when I’m too lazy to think. Thankfully, mum’s helper does sometimes get it right and there’s something palatable hiding in the bowels of that old ice box.


Goodbye, May and Tally-ho into June!



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