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What do a black Greyhound, multi-art expression, and food have in common?

They are all close to this Autistic Bunny’s heart.

Autism advocacy. Disability advocacy. Trying to throw open the windows of tightly closed minds. Mistaken as threat. Tokenised and patronised. Writhing and spinning round and round, ploughing the miry fields of repetitive human social-political gyrations. Trudging through the cesspools of normativity. Wiping away the spit of jealous competition, meandering through lies and subterfuge. The burden of participation in humanity’s Theatre of Absurdity can wear the trembling soul down, and the spirit is too easily crushed and fragmented under pounding cacophony of noisome people-ing.

Inside Clement Space of gentle undulating equilibrium, when all three entities converge comfortably, unsullied by extraneous interruptions and assaultive mockeries of human existence, there is blessedness and peace. There is life in her eyes – quietly, elegantly resilient and brave. There is communication in art, free from the tyranny of wordedness. And there is mortal, corporeal sustenance, sensory satiation, in food – all its glorious textures, tastes, smells, visual details of juxtaposed elements, and harmonic rhythmic teasing.

Gratitude and thankfulness. Not for being alive, but for having such beauteous clemency while having no choice for life or death.

Of the three, of course, nothing comes close to the determinedly glorious sensation of melting into the aura of Lucy Like-a-Charm.

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