oil in my lamp

Noshment. Sustenance. Oil in my physical lamp. Goodness for my soul. And thankfulness in the spirit. The family – mum, baby sis, brother-in-law, furry boys, and helper Nula – had lunch at our usual favourite yesterday, but at a new location. It seems as if the neighbourhood malls are more crowded than the main shopping street in the city. I bring my mental clement space with me. It is a struggle, most definitely, but equilibrium is what I seek.

Two people come to mind and heart each time I sit down for a meal these days. YS and Rick, my foodie buddies at different times in my life, both weathering the stormy theatrical tragicomedies at awkward juxtapositions during my wonderful journey of Becoming. YS, I miss our weekend forays into the gastronomic wonderlands of Cantonese herbal soups, spicy Northern Chinese beef noodles, Dim Sum sorties, and lazy Sunday lunches at Discovery Bay by the ferry pier. Rick, that Dog Cafe place is my eternal favourite, the centre of our Paddington Bubble, a domain that kept me safe and sane. I miss you both, and I thank you for stepping into this Bunny’s strange and often bizarre microcosmic trundling.

More oil in my lamp… I am determined to learn how to use this Fujifilm X100T camera, a generous gift from a friend. It is a quirky little gem. A challenge in some ways. And there are some challenges that are nourishment to my Beingness. This is one.

Thank you, dear souls who have contributed so much goodness in the tumultuous and frenetic 2017. Thank you for keeping me burning, this little light of mine in my inconspicuous corner of the cosmic swirl.

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