Sunday Tea Party

A sizzling hot Sunday afternoon. The family decided to head far South to Pasir Panjang for lunch at The Tea Party. This branch is now the only one that is dog-friendly, a real pity, as we’re running out of dog-friendly places in Singapore to take the fur-kids.

Here’s a brief on our sensory adventure.

Unlike many dog-friendly cafes, where one has to put up with blah-food, or pay a premium for just decent food, in exchange for being allowed to bring the doggies along, the food here is actually really good. Simple fare, but tasty, and doesn’t cost an arm and leg. Delicious home-y nosh, friendly service, and the chef even came out to say hello to us. We were relieved, too, not to have to put up with noisy, unruly, off-leash dogs. The other pooch there, two tables away, was very well-behaved, like our three, and everyone minded their own business. That’s the way we like it.

I had the Laksa – it was ok, a tad spicy for my taste buds, but I managed to finish the entire bowl while sniffing and tearing into my tissue – the small size was quite a generous portion. My brother-in-law ordered the Grilled Chicken – served old-fashioned Singapore-Hainanese chef style with baked beans and tasty fries – and he gave it the thumbs up. I persuaded him to cut me a small bit to try (it was so good, he didn’t want to share!), and I liked it so much that I made a mental note to order this the next time I am there. Mum and baby sis had the Prawn Aglio spaghetti, and, according to them, it was delicious. The spaghetti and Grilled Chicken came with onion soup, which was nice and buttery. There was ice-cold water for all, in cheerful red and brown cups. Greedy Foodie Bunny that I am, after I wolfed down the Laksa, I then shared a bowl of Prawn Noodles with Nula, our helper, and we all tucked into a slice of the Nutella cheesecake too. They don’t serve food for the furries, so we packed our own, a handy pack of Wellness moist chicken steak. Tiny didn’t want to finish his share, so Miss Lucy rose to the occasion!

We left a generous tip as a token of our appreciation, and trotted away with full tummies and big smiles. Highly recommended, especially if you have fur-kids and just want an easy, relaxed, tasty and simple meal with the human and furry family. We’ll definitely be back!

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