building clement space

Work in progress…

It’s been more than a week battling this cold and cough. My voice is all but gone. I sound like a constipated frog (do frogs really constipate?). Been through the dramatic works, the wailing, flailing, fainting and vomiting stuff etc, and now finally on the mend. Still coughing alarmingly – feels like the guts are all going to spurt out at some point or other – and noticing some pretty aghast looks being thrown my way, through the tears in my eyes while attempting to blow my nose. Too much multitasking, being sick is unpleasant for anyone, but being sick with hypersensitivity cranks up the ‘horrid’ volume manifold levels … and over and over. I am missing my Lucy. A lot. Clement Space was inspired by Lucy.

Nevertheless… I have been building clement space… in little ways, struggling valiantly, and in the more ‘official’ manifestation, of course, the exhibition. The show must go on, and so it shall!

Building clemency, adding grace, with me has been lovely Nicky (did I get the spelling right?), and my good producer Emily. I couldn’t have done this without them. It is hard to convey thoughts and instructions when I am setting up – I have a visual image and a sensory ‘feel’ about what I want, but worded description is difficult for me. To make matters worse, I’ve gone and lost my voice. Or, perhaps, this made things easier for the other person to adjust to the lack of verbality? Whatever the case, Nicky came shining through – she was marvellous, and I didn’t need to babble too much. Not just a relief for me, but a real practical support. Accommodations in unexpected places, indeed.

Not 100%, but I am looking forward to the final bits and bobs, before the show begins!

See you all at Clement Space, Customs House, Sydney. The BIG Anxiety Festival runs from 20 September – 11 November, so do remember to catch us somewhere, sometime, somehow!

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