I love Japanese cuisine, especially the rice, sushi and sashimi. My beloved brother-in-law now works in research and development at a large Japanese food company, and he takes us all out for a meal at least once a month at one of the many Japanese restaurants owned by the company. “Arigato” is the Japanese expression for “Thank You.” I am so fortunate!

I also love looking at the photographs of Japanese food that a friend takes each time he visits Japan – which is quite often. My friend and I admire the way the Japanese present their food – such meticulous visual composition! Of course, my friend’s photographs are far superior to mine: his photos capture the exquisite mastery and expertise set within the full richness of Japan itself, while mine are of more simple interpretations outside of Japan.

There are good memories associated with my many gastronomic forays too. Each time I tuck into a meal, flashes and snippets of these flood and flow through my sensoryscape. A favourite restaurant in Hong Kong in Central, where many a sushi roll was wolfed down with gusto; warm slurpy bowls of ramen and udon at Bondi Junction in Sydney; hearty noshment with good friends in Honolulu, Hawaii; my own experimental adventures in DIY sushi making; and of course, now, the monthly, almost ritual, expeditions in Singapore.

For me, there is something ‘comfortable’ about Japanese food, which ‘sounds’ like gently undulating Bach partitas, and sometimes Mozart piano sonatas. Even though I tend to order the same thing every time (the repetition is somewhat comforting), each outing is always special and unique anyway.


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