Finding comfort in familiarity. One of my two favourite spots in Paddo, the Arthouse Kitchen. This time, though, Lucy is not with me. I miss her terribly. That space she occupies – physical, mental, sensorial – is now a softly whirring void. I gravitate towards our usual table at the far corner. It is a cosy place, just right for one, and a comfortable area on the floor for Lucy on her fluffy rug.

I still sense her in that aperture between abstract and concrete: her warm scent, soft velvet fur, rhythmic breath, the corporeality of her, and her many delightful expressions of delight, exuberance, calm, subtle affection and attentive gaze.

It has been two weeks now. One more to go before I am with my Angel again. Wait for mumma, mumma’s coming home soon. Keep on keeping on, Bunny and Lucy!


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