Lucy in Infrared.

My love. In infrared.

Being away from her is never easy. We’ve had a tumultuous 2016. Since moving to home country, Lucy and I have enjoyed a sense of stability we did not have before, that of being within a family. It is a small family, just my baby sister, her hubby, their two furry boys Bizcuit and Tiny, and our mother. Now, there’s Lucy and me.

I no longer need to panic and worry about who will care for Lucy when I need to make trips away, or when I am unwell and cannot attend to her personally.

I’ve left her with the family, and headed back to Sydney on a working trip. I have been watching her every now and then, from thousands of miles away, via ip camera. It is, for me, an indulgent, gentle solace, just gazing at her, looking in on her antics, and seeing that she is well and cared for. Her bed is in the bay window, side by side to my bed. Sometimes, the little minx tries to take over my side, plonking herself on my pillow with a cheeky grin, or planting her enormous Greyhound Butt across the divide, leaving me with nary an inch to slide into. Now, she is alone in the bedroom. The first night, she paced the room, lying in her bed, my bed, and on the floor rug or her day bed. I felt so sorry to have to leave her. Thankfully, she settled after that first restless night, and spent most of the time in one chosen spot, whether her own, or in mine, or spread across both hers and mine.

Last night, and through the early morning, she was in her own bed, as if leaving a space for me. This is the position I love most, because I can reach out to stroke her, and she will poke at me with her front paws. I miss you, my beautiful girl. Beautiful even in infrared.

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