more grace notes


Head down, bottom up… SOS!

Grace notes occurring in the midst of forceful fury.

Overwhelmed inside churning, heaving and seething vortex of existential and corporeal torment – unrelenting in its pursuit of dignity’s destruction, unrepentant in its indecent mockery – the arhythmic pounding of crass insistence overtakes consciousness.

There, the little grace notes appear. Silent fluttering wings of delicate rectitude, without force, without rude encroachment.

Listen to the soft, gentle and sometimes whimsical intonations of clemency, and the sighs of gratitude amidst shimmering spasms of tender affliction.


Spicy Penang Laksa!

Spicy Penang Laksa for breakfast on a cloudy, dull morning.

Ichiban! Emergency teatime noshment with baby sister in the midst of frantic shopping and sensory overload.


Hainanese chicken, roast pork and noodles.

Quick Saturday luncheon with family – my choice of Hainanese chicken, roast pork and noodles.



A delicious, nutritious, celebratory family meal to send me on my way, before I embark on a gruelling working trip.


Breakfast time!

A warm breakfast of tasty leftovers the morning after.


Sunday family lunch at Ichiban Sushi – again, yes, autie Bunny likes familiarity!

(And no dishes to wash thereafter. Or hereafter.)


Sentimental value.

Precious little Canon G11 repaired at last – so chuffed! (It was a kind and generous gift from a faraway friend and loyal Bunny-supporter.)


Warm vanilla Canine Angel…

And a warm vanilla-scented Canine Angel who journeys beside.

What more can a Bunny ask for? Gracenotes are very important things. They literally keep you alive, and oft rejoicing, through perilous seas.


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