Lucy’s first Lunar New Year

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This year was Lucy’s first Lunar New Year with mumma and extended family. The Lunar New Year is traditionally celebrated across 15 days. For this Autistic Bunny, this means sensory overload in a huge way.

First, at the top of my brother-in-law’s “Must Do” list: the mandatory trip to the flower garden to procure various auspicious flora. Lucy and the furry boys came along for that little adventure. Then, a night time foray into the Chinatown bazaar (sans Lucy and the furry boys). More sensory overload, too much red, far too much red!

The extended family descends upon us on the first day, kicking of a marathon of feasting. Noise! Humans! But wait… Autistic Bunny is also Foodie Bunny, and the reward for enduring sensory overload is the delicious food! Tally ho!

Home cooked with care, and a great deal of skill and panache. An added bonus is having a professional chef in the family, and extended family members who are experts at home cooking!

During Lunar New Year, the lai-see (lucky gift) or ang-pow (red packet) is a significant part of Chinese tradition. Married couples and the elders among us put ‘lucky money’ into decorated red envelopes and give them out to children, young people and single people. The Bunny and Lucy duo managed to gather quite a goodly number of these auspicious gifts this year! How cool is that, then?

Sensory overload it was. But no meltdown, thankfully. The food was a huge help. Feeding the senses while bombarding the senses. Sounds bizarre, but it worked out fine for me. And Lucy, of course, in her Chinese brocade collar with little red tassels… where would I be without her?

Happy Lunar New Year, everyone!


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