Lobster Tornado!

What is cramming into your mind today?  What did you read? What have you engaged in thus far?

Over here in BunnyLand, a sensation of continuous internal implosion has taken over headspace. The brain is throbbing an irregular dissonant rhythm against skull.

Inspiration porn and objectification, a thought provoking read from Carly Findlay. Happens too often. It’s everywhere. And sometimes even among the disabled. Balancing on a thin brittle wire-in-the-sky.

Foreboding. Horror. Anxiety. Reading the news, emanating from a troubled worldscape. Too many Terrifying Twitter Tweets. No, I will not provide links to these.

Listening to a BlogTalk Radio broadcast hosted by my friend Jeanette Purkis.

Then came across this article about stress, emotion and heart health.

A conference paper abstract.

Some email communications.

Juggling multiple projects.

Battling physical and mental overload.

Worrying about the Princess’s micturitions and other bowel related functions. (Solved with some help from beloved brother-in-law, who took her outside for a goodly dogly walk!)

Stringing tiny beads by tactile navigation because glasses don’t seem to be helping much. (Need new pair.)

Contemplating… myriad different threads in one symphonic cacophony of haplessness.

Oh, and eating too much Lobster Tornado – a result of yesterday’s feast and today’s leftovers. (It is great having a professional chef around.)

Overload is not difficult to achieve, is it?

The day is not over yet.


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