capturing food

A quiet tete-a-tete with baby sister, brief moment of time snatched from busy routine, sharing a yuzu soda, fried salmon skin and udon at our favourite Ichiban Boshi… 


Family outing with the three furry kids, a plate of fries and cold beer…


Home cooked noodles by Nula, simple chicken broth, green veggie and an egg…


Egg noodles with wakame and salmon roe, a quickie afternoon fix while everyone is out grocery shopping…


Takeaway dinner of satay and barbecued chicken wings…


A mid-afternoon snack of “Love Letters” – sweet egg rolls…

Capturing food, locking in memories and meanings… I make no apologies for this passionate pursuit – each image an associative symbol – semiotics of taste, smell, texture, and narratives full of social juxtaposition. Food is more than mere sustenance. Humble undertakings of grand interplays, multi sensory stories of ebb and flow, closeness and distance, and most recently, respite from the stress of executive duties of self care. The clement face of familial support.


And Lucy agrees… what blessedness…

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