home again


Cold Soba with salmon roe

Cold soba noodles with salmon roe for lunch today. A most pleasant light meal on a particularly hot and muggy day.

We are home again. Home has been many places for us both. Some more clement than others, we’ve wandered through a few amazing adventures along our nomadic meanderings. The good, bad and ugly: home invasion by a brazen con woman and her flea-riddled dog and noisome bird, trusted friendship betrayed at a most crucial moment, tossed into the wilderness of uncertainty, and mired inside sensory hell-hole, somehow, we survived. And then there was the sweet, graceful and lovely: loyal friends, exciting explorations, chance encounters, and of course there was the yummy weekend noshments with Rick to look forward to. It’s been a pretty interesting journey. Our little rusty wheelbarrow trundles ever onwards. Lucy and I are now settling into our new home in Singapore. Lucy isn’t very impressed by the humidity (but neither am I). Needless to say, daily outdoor walks have been very brief. She knows her own mind, and I let her decide when she thinks it’s time to return home. Our home is clean – no more sensory nightmare – and Lucy is cared for like true royalty.


There’s been delicious food aplenty, of course, and even some fun family outings. A welcome change from the punishing life of a PhD scholar, most definitely!


Of course, people gawk at us wherever we go, and the more enthralled and friendly approach us to ask questions. I take each encounter as an opportunity to advocate for greyhounds. Lucy has got used to her two ‘cousins’ – my sister’s two boys, Bizcuit and Tiny – standing her ground with confidence when the boys yap at her, yet she is always gentle and peaceful.


The story of our amazing flight together will soon be released by the Greyhound Equality Society. Do visit their Facebook page, hit LIKE, and watch out for it – coming soon!




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