walk on


Leftovers for Breakfast

Leftover fish and chips from Massimo’s Arthouse Kitchen for breakfast this morning. Our final day in Sydney. We said our goodbyes to beloved Paddington and our former neighbours yesterday. Very sad to learn that ‘Old Bill’ who lived across the road from us had passed away during our absence. He was always so gentle and kind, and Lucy loved visiting because Bill always had doggy treats for her. I remember the lovely Chopin Etudes he used to play on his little baby grand, it made me smile and yearn for musical days gone by. Walking down the street towards Wendy’s and Peter’s, we bumped into Judy and her sweet fluffy Sam. Fifi, the little rescued teacup poodle heard us and began to bark – Wendy came out from inside, and we were soon engulfed in animated conversation. Peter returned and joined us, and it was like the old days again. Except this was farewell. Lucy, Sam and Fifi were, of course, oblivious. They live in the here and now, excited about the roast chicken that Wendy was handing out, waggy tails and happy faces all. Lucy did not want to leave, she dragged on the leash all the way back to our AirBnB. Perhaps, even if she may not know what changes lay ahead, she sensed the sadness and heaviness threaded through our laughter?


Goodbye, Paddo!

I shall miss our little family here in Paddo. I missed them throughout our sojourn in Posh Bay – a terrible tumultuous dissonance of time, space and jarring entities, shocking betrayal of faith, and brutal, determined endurance – the only happy memory of that place is our greyhound playgroup and the friends we made there at the playgroup. Paddo, however, will remain in heart and mind as our Comfy Cocoon.

One month to Christmas, just a few days more beyond to the end of 2016 – Annus Horribilis on too many levels to recount. The macro and micro cosmic comedic fiascos of 2016 have gripped too many in the realm of humanity and its peripherals. Yet, for me, in the midst of the churning, heaving Artaudian-Wagnerian farce, there have been such pockets of grace that I cannot but bow in humble acknowledgement of Blessing. Clemency. Clement Space. Many Clement Spaces, in fact.

The warm wishes from our dear neighbourhood friends as we waved good bye… The smiling faces of colleagues and faculty members after my Dean’s Award speech… Lucy even had a quarter of a sandwich from one of the security and maintenance officers! A gentle cadence indeed.

Walk on. Tomorrow, we set off on a huge new adventure! I shall post about that soon, when we have safely arrived on the other side. For now, here’s a medley that I’m carrying in my mindspace as we trundle along, Babs, of course, and with captions too!

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