back to bacon

So, back in Sydney. No lovely sister to take care of all my gastronomic needs. And the food conundrum revives. After one very bad decision to have Indian takeaway dinner – chicken tikka and naan – which resulted in the return of runny tummy, I ordered Chinese takeaway of sweet and sour pork with fried rice. It lasted 3 meals. But I got tired of eating the same thing. Besides, Chinese takeaway tends to deteriorate with time. The zing and zap just doesn’t keep.

Thus… Back to bacon. And eggs. And icky oats. And marshmallow in Aldi instant coffee. The travelling scholar-on-a-budget-staying-in-AirBnB challenge has produced some interesting textures, even if the basic taste-sphere is somewhat staid.

Apart from the little problem with those odiferous pillows (which has now been solved), this AirBnB is peaceful and the kitchen is clean. No microwave, but I can improvise with the trusty old bacon and eggs. Had my rations delivered via Coles online. Even managed to grab some Aldi instant coffee too. I must say that the Japanese mayonnaise is a real blessing. Makes everything that much more palatable! Of course, olives always help add a dash of fun to everything. As for presentation, it’s been a bit up and down and all around – varying from meal to meal, depending on my sensory-emotional-mental state at the moment of preparation.

Instead of reading tea-leaves, I think one can read my food captures, to analyse state-of-mind, perhaps? (I am slowly slipping into gibberish again, must be the cold and cough medication….)


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