saturday noshments

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Yesterday was Saturday. Instead of the weekly noshments with Rick, I tucked into a different kind of feast. No less grace-filled, just as sumptuous, and not lacking in grace. I am now in home country, sunny Singapore. My sister and her hubby brought us out for a simple Japanese meal at Ichiban Boshi. 

‘Home,’ to me, is anywhere that I dwell, a place where Lucy and I can inhabit together. Being ‘home’ here in Singapore with family is lovely, but my baby is missing from the equation, hence, I still do not consider this feeling truly ‘home-ly.’ It’s wonderful to be living in a space that is clean, orderly and smells fresh, with caring and supportive people around. Sadly, the enjoyment is somewhat dichotomous, however, as I miss Lucy terribly.

Lucy is well cared for. And that, too, is grace. I am revelling in the luxury offered to me here with family, but at the same time counting the days to being reunited with my beloved girl. Perhaps, someday, ‘home’ will include everyone dear to me, in a space that is gentle and clement?

And… ice cream!


Japanese style ice cream selection.

2 thoughts on “saturday noshments

  1. Lucy will be with you again very soon my friend … Relax and enjoy for you deserve everything that you are receiving 10 fold … Sending you all my love and Zeeva’s xxx

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