rose, rose… beware those insidious piercing thorns

“Fair is foul and foul is fair: Hover through the foul and filthy air.” – Macbeth.
The normative social world is at best a confusing nightmare for a straight-thinking autist, and at worst a cesspool of toxic madness. What is to my mind a maelstrom of twisted and bizarre social drama, is “normal” to the players in this neurotic theatre, where too few are capable of speaking directly and honestly as a matter of habit. People say one thing in private, and a completely different thing in public. They promise one set of parameters, but once inside their frame of charity, they change their minds and proceed to do as they please. Don’t get me wrong, I am well aware that autistic people are capable of causing great offence too. But in my experience, they do so in a much more direct and predictable (to me) way, making it easier for me to deal with.

Perhaps, for those who delight in complex social recreation find instead that empathy is an endeavour far too arduous and demanding, perhaps because empathy will rob them of their enjoyment of pernicious social game-playing and bring them face to face with the mirror of truth?
A parting conversation with one such person filled with innuendo and hurtful little sniper-style remarks reminded yet again of the Chinese idiom:
口不對心 – roughly translated as “what the mouth utters does not reflect the heart.”
Hovering through the foul and filthy air of the normative social disco is deeply soul-destroying for people (not only autists) who simply prefer the honest, straight-forward approach to communication. Avoid if possible. Or, escape as quick as you can, and do not be afraid to topple over the plastic bricks of Kute Korrespondence lining the exit route!

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