Four months inside sensory hell. Enough is enough. Time to exit. Escape.

Packing. Sorting. Throwing out. Selling. More packing. Ordering food and treats for Lucy. Oh, a new bed of her own, and don’t forget the supplements too! Packing for Lucy as well.

Finally, it’s time to say goodbye.


Exiting Hell

Lucy goes to trusted friends north of the city. The Uber ride was long, but pleasant. Thankful that our driver was kind, and even waited to take me back into the city.

Back in sensory hell for one more night, decided to repack everything into smaller cases for easier retrieval from the luggage carousel.


Bags packed, ready to go!

The next morning, at last, it was time to leave!

Goodbye, the “million-dollar-view” that I will definitely not miss, along with the stench from the storm drain, the constant assault of cigarette smoke from balcony next door, the ugly debris layering the beach and screaming humans and dogs running amok on the beach.

Goodbye, the sensory stink-hole that nearly literally killed me. I’ve done my best to help but I now realise it was all in vain. Goodbye, too, to horrible un-funny ableist, sexist, racist, homophobic jokes.



But I will miss the one forlorn innocent face, her beautiful hapless eyes, sad and resigned to her fate inside filth, chaos, and lazy haphazard ‘care.’ I wish I could take her away from all this, but she is not mine, and no matter how dire these circumstances, this sub-standard life is still better than her horrible past. Goodbye, sweet one.


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