little gems

Today is the last full day of sensory peace. We return tomorrow at mid-day to swirling, whirling, churning, gurgling, belching chaos and fetor. Barely settled into our blessed tranquility, time propels us once again into the fetid da capo.

It rained all day today. Lucy does not like the rain, and we stayed most of the day indoors, snuggling in the day bed while I worked on some writing.

We ventured into the backyard for awhile, when the rain abated somewhat. Lucy did a fabulous zoomie round and round the pumpkin bed, I tried to video it but somehow my camera did not engage. A huge disappointment for me. For Lucy, who lives in the moment, it was just another burst of joie de vivre. I have much to learn from this strange Canine Angel.

Gems. Little gems of raindrops. It was hard not to notice them. Yet more tiny moments of clemency, captured albeit inadequately in a visual documentation to remind me of the wonderment that weaves through this roller-coaster journey through time, space and circumstance. Ethereal and temporal, they will vanish in the sunshine tomorrow. For now, the minute, silent radiance is mine to store inside a deep smile, within Scheherazade’s Sea.


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