This article is gold. It describes my own struggle succinctly without fanciful embellishment.

Here, in this video, Sonia gives an excellent summary of what I am facing right now. Thank you. This is why I keep reiterating the need for support and concrete help, though the neurotypical world tends not to understand the import of need, because they see only the autist’s ability to function pretty remarkably in the normative realm, and hence the juxtaposed disabilities are not discernible to the normative way of perceiving and analysing information.

In short, the world does need all kinds of minds!

4 thoughts on “support

  1. Considering there are so many different artists who work in so many different way, surely, and I say surely, The Arts Council are smart enough to realize that artists themselves are as brilliant as they are purely because they themselves are not like ‘normal’ people … (said in the nicest possibly way my dear friend) … To have only 1 way for you to apply for something is silly, ridiculous, beyond a joke, do they realize what they are doing??? … They are removing over half the applications from applying, and those are the ones they need because they are the best!!! … I am sorry, but The Arts Council need to ‘Think Outside The Box’ with their application process just like the talented artists that are applying, ‘Think Outside The Box’ constantly for their craft … Obviously, there is not a talented person on the panel, or who is in charge of the application process, otherwise they would of changed the process long ago … Changes need to be made and they need to be made soon … I wish you luck my friend xxx

    • Thank you, my dear! Yes, indeed, very pertinent points raised, but unfortunately, the framework is pretty much set by the normative systems of being, thinking and representing, and we have a long way more to go towards a more neurocosmopolitan way of perceiving and organising our world at large. We will continue to work towards that, of course, and yes, the artists and creative innovators from all disciplines shall forge ever onwards!

  2. I’m really glad that you found the article useful Dawn-joy!! Since I have been work to support neurodiverse artists, it becomes more and more clear how cumbersome the ACE application process and demands are. At least, as a public body, they realise that artists need dedicated support to successfully overcome this first hurdle – not all organisations seem so aware. I really hope that you find the support you need for your projects too – keep me posted!!

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