Return. To gentleness.

Amidst tumultuous churning, a clement space, meekly tucked inside the cosmic comic-tragic drama, a woolly mammoth opera buffa of epic girth, length and ponderous weight.

For a brief few hours, we went ‘home’… But it is no longer home for us.

Carried by the ominous dramaturge’s libretto of Grand Cosmic Farce into the vice-like grip of ostentatious benevolent utterances sitting atop puffing volatile volcano of whim and fancy, into sickly-sweet, putrefying stench of brackish dark pool, we have been spinning round and round among mental-physical-social pollution, waste and spurious filth.

But yesterday… just for a few precious hours, we returned… Undulating grace… Old neighbours… Friendly smiles… Catching up on news… Familiar smells… I have not seen Lucy so thrilled for a long time. She knew, the minute we stepped out of the car. Sniffing the air with a delighted quiver, and that bouncy, rhythmic trot, leading me to all our old familiar spaces.

But then… it was time… to head back to reality, where the demonic dance continues.

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