clement comforting


“When you spend time getting to know an Autistic person you find many different sensitivities and physical supports that enable that person’s comfort. Communication won’t be possible without first understanding this primary dynamic. Once you demonstrate that you understand these sensitivity needs respectfully, you will be able to create safe space for a person to feel comfortable. Comfort must always be put into place before anyone can communicate with you to their best ability.” – kelly @autismhwy

The above quote is a poignant excerpt from this blog post: Communication Breakdown

This seems like ‘common sense,’ that is, allowing a person (any person) to feel comfortable within innate native frameworks in order to ‘draw’ the person ‘out’ into communication with Other. Indeed, it is very well understood by social manipulators across the grand continuum of those who grapple and execute control over others in human society.

Regardless of neurology, everyone needs a clement space in order to thrive. And the manipulators know how to make use of this need, though unfortunately they use this to deceive and engineer people and situations to their own advantage or for their own pleasure. It’s not a complex idea to understand, yet, the concept seems to be completely lost among the vast majority of ordinary folk.

Someone asked me, since I am now vehemently against behaviour modification programmes and therapies like ABA, how do we help the ‘severely autistic’ to cope with life in the broader realm and well, just cope?

I am no expert in therapies and strategies. I am merely an artist whose quest is to utilise my array of abilities and resources to contribute towards a rich textural dynamic evolution.

Perhaps, what if, people who style themselves as experts – educationists, therapists, psychologists etc – start from this point… this fundamental premise… Clement Space. Yes, I coined that term in my PhD dissertation, but it is as ancient as life itself. Begin at the comfortable, comforting, beginning. From the transformative viewpoint of gentle, intrinsic development, you take one unique theme, and allow the theme to lead you into a collaborative creative conversation, until a melismatic and more and more complex variation on the theme is built, and there is a music that expresses much more than the original tiny capsule of thematic material, yet it remains innately unique to its genesis.

Clement Space. It is becoming a personal quest for me and Lucy too. We are still finding our way. But we have begun… and that is what matters.


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