benign horror


Tennis, anyone?

My brain… my brain… it is exploding and imploding at the same time. Here’s another MontyPython+AntoninArtaud scenario – an almost daily delight at present. 🙂

NTX: “I’m going to the shops now. Would you like me to get anything for you?”

AUTB: “That’s very kind but no thank you, I am going to organise my own food from now on, remember our long conversation this morning about making a clear demarcation so we can both practice taking care of our own needs?”

NTX: “Yes, yes, I remember, I know, I know… but what about some mince or something?”

AUTB: “No thanks, I do not eat mince of any kind.”

NTX: “Oh, ok. See ya!”

An hour later…

NTX: “Hey, guess what I got you? Some mince!”

AUTB: “Um, I thought I told you not to buy me anything?”

X: “Yeah, but I thought you’d like some mince!”

AUTB: “But I told you I do not eat mince of any kind. I said it at least 5 times.”

NTX: “Yeah, I know you said it, but I thought maybe you’d like some mince anyway.”

AUTB: “Sorry, friend, but no I mean what I say and I don’t eat mince. But I will email you some recipes for it so you can cook it for yourself, ok?”

NTX: “Oh, ok, but I thought you’d want some mince.”

AUTB: “No, I don’t eat mince of any kind. Sorry for saying it over and over again, I don’t mean to sound rude, but really, I mean what I say or I won’t say it. Words are costly to me.”

NTX: “Oh, ok. I just thought you might want some mince.”

AUTB: “No thanks, it was kind of you but no I do not want any mince. Thanks.”



** Googles “slow cooker lamb mince recipe”… finds a few, sends link to NTX.


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