all about me without me


silent sonnet

A music symposium about music and disability, but no musician with disability represented. No voice of our own.

A prestigious art-work about disabilities, for people with disabilities, but not a single artist with disability in sight. All very ‘high-quality’ mind you, as if to say that disabled artists do not and cannot produce works of similar ‘high quality’ to serve our own community? No voice of our own.

A conference about disabilities and strategies for mitigation, intervention and support, but not a single speaker with disability. No voice of our own.

A journal article about autism that insists on using terminology that is considered insulting by autistics. That is the ‘correct’ way, according to non-autistics. Not our way. Their way. They know better. No voice of our own.

A newspaper write up about a deaf man, using outdated and offensive descriptions. When the representing body writes in to inform, educate and correct, their letter is discarded. Unpublished. Silenced. No voice of our own.

‘Disability’ has now in recent times become a trendy thing to bandy about in science, art, media etc. Everyone wants a piece of the pie. Everyone gets to chew, gnaw and gnash. Everyone has wise sayings, creative expressions, ‘successful’ applications, ‘expert’ opinions. Everyone. Except the very people being talked about, studied, and personified. No, still no voice of our own.

Who gets to pull the plug?


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