The art of autistic self-hood

Again, Sonia has nailed it right where it should be: “neurotypical templates” !!! This explains my discomfort with many activities geared towards autism. We (autistics) need to develop autistic templates. Not that templates are fail proof, but the fundamental modalities need to be native-derived. That is the quest that I have undertaken for my research and praxis. Thank you, Sonia, you’ve again inspired me!

The other side

IMG_0068IMG_9629IMG_9628IMG_0091(Uncertain Weather System in Place, 2016)

As there seems to be no specific aftercare following my diagnosis of Asperger Syndrome, I’m quite busy working things out for myself.

Fortunately for me this is one of my autistic strengths.

But specialist services would make a huge difference to my life. So going it alone is not entirely desirable, and yet I consider the alternatives. Would I want aftercare designed and provided by neurotypicals? Perhaps not.

It would probably end up feeling like wearing the wrong size shoes. A bad fit.

One effect of diagnosis is that I now recognise my dislike of most organised/group activities as being legitimate. It’s a genuine case of poor neurological fit. What you (the neurotypcial majority) generally like/need from a group experience is not what I like/need – I honestly just can’t relate to most of it. And with good reason.

But this can also happen…

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