Tribe meets tribe: Autism and friendship

Simply beautiful.

The other side


Meeting other autistic people is a rarity. Being openly autistic it’s happening more. You have to be out to be seen, and be seen to find others. Online brings a richer crop of tribe members, but in so-called real time, not so much.

Yesterday brought a glorious exception, and an hour and a half of utter joy.

There’s a special regard and tenderness between autistic friends, I’ve noticed. Often we meet first online. “Real time” meetings follow on from something no less real but somehow 2-dimensional in comparison.

As a newbie autistic I’m learning so much. Each day I wake up and quite literally pinch myself. As I gain more direct exposure to my culture I continue to peel the layers of that onion, I’ve spoken about in previous posts.

I see my life retrospectively with new eyes. I see it autistically. I see it as autism. I see…

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