painting on the sky

Four years ago, on this day… the cosmos sent me a beautiful painterly sky… Now, four years later, I have handed in my PhD dissertation, I have a beautiful Canine Angel by my side, and I am responsible for her until her last breath… Amazing what happens when one reaches for that small piece of sky! I think of my father every day, and today, I wonder again, “Papa, can you hear me?”


Sunset Over Paddington (20120527)

sunset over Paddinton 20120527

I never get tired of looking at my little piece of sky from the window as I work. It is a sensory smorgasbord every time I look, it changes and transforms, even on a rainy, grey day, there are subtle hues and stroke-like washes that the eye can see but my little camera just cannot capture.

And the mental association, the memory recall, is always the song from the Barbra Streisand movie, Yentl, “A Piece of Sky”. Yes, I do know that Streisand altered the original story quite a bit (to suit her), but in my mind, it was one of the most impact-ful movies in my life. I was a young person at the time, grappling with my (undiagnosed) neurodiversity, daring to dream and paying a price for it. The song and theme inspired me, I was captivated by the idea of Yentl as the…

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