mindDog needs help!

For many people with invisible disabilities, an assistance dog makes the difference between living a richer life or one shut inside fear and terror. Without Lucy, I would not have had the amazing inspiration trajectories for my professional work, and I would not have the courage to keep going when overwhelmed by the cosmic maelstrom that I have found myself hurled into over and over again during this incredible PhD journey. I can honestly say that on more than one occasion, Lucy has saved my life in very concrete, palpable ways. An assistance dog is not only a beloved companion animal, but one trained to address specific disabilities in practical and essential ways.

When I first noticed that Lucy was helping me do things in very particular ways, I searched for an organisation that would help me train Lucy properly as my assistance dog. One organisation asked me for $20,000! Another asked me to fundraise $2,000. Where would I, a PhD scholar on a meagre living stipend find $20,000? My wonderful sister was helping to support Lucy, but even $2,000 to fundraise was beyond my means – I was new in Sydney, I knew nobody, and the few people I did know wouldn’t have been able to part with $20, because of their own difficult circumstances – how could I even hope to raise $2,000?

Then someone linked me with mindDog Australia. No demands for thousands of dollars. Just a whole lot of expert, qualified and systematic support throughout the “trainee” period. The Public Access Test was nerve-racking but mindDog’s Cath and Gayl were reassuring and wonderfully skilful and empathic, and we’ve passed our PAT every year since.

Now, mindDog is growing and needs a full-time trainer. This will give members a better infrastructure and allow mindDog to continue helping to enhance and transform lives.

Please donate – no matter how small or large an amount you can afford – to help mindDog achieve our goal of helping more people with invisible needs! ❤

To donate, please go to mindDog Australia‘s website! Thank you so very very much!

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